25 November 2007

The Artwork of John Lennon

I had the opportunity yesterday to view an exhibition of drawings by the famous John Lennon, appropriately entitled So This Is Xmas. I think my father's comment sums up my sentiments quite well--"Had these been done by anyone other than John Lennon, they would have been dismissed as scribbles." Much of the work present at the exhibition was of an almost childlike quality, but perhaps this is what makes it so endearing to Lennon's myriad fans. The importance of these drawings is not that they are necessarily great art, but that they represent a glimpse into the private life and mind of one of the most influential cultural icons of the twentieth century. That such a variety of age groups were in attendance at the exhibition speaks volumes about the extent of Lennon's impact on popular culture.

Also viewable at the exhibition were lyrics to several of Lennon's best-known songs, as written by the man himself. Prints of both the drawings and the lyrics were available for sale, along with some originals--the most expensive item available could be purchased for a scant $22,000.

I admit that I'm not much of a fan of The Beatles (or, for that matter, any of the various solo projects that sprouted from that band), but I can still appreciate the monumental impact that the four Englishmen with bad haircuts had on the development of popular music.

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  1. I am a Beatles fan, but I am starting to wonder if John is really worthy of this canonization. (Is that even a word?)