22 September 2008

Brain Droppings

I've got a few ideas floating around my head, but I don't think any of them would make for a decent post in and of themselves. Because I'm a lazy bastard, it's time to substitute quality for quantity. In the grand tradition of George Carlin, here are a few of my own Brain Droppings.

  • The Discovery Channel has made me paranoid about bedbugs and cockroaches, thanks to the show Verminators. That aside, it's equally horrifying and amusing just how horrifyingly dirty some people choose to live. Whereas I'd probably shit the proverbial brick if I found cockroaches in my apartment, some people have apparently just let them proliferate without doing anything about it. Ick. Los Angeles must be a horrible place.
  • Power Quest is Dragonforce light. Not surprising, considering that the band was formed by Sam Totman, the former keyboardist from Dragonforce. Power Quest songs are virtually identical in form to Dragonforce songs, but without the minutes-long bursts of guitar shredding (a factor which has the effect of making Power Quest a bit more interesting to listen to). Alessio Garavello also has a better voice than Z.P. Theart. The only area where Dragonforce has an edge over Power Quest is, ironically, in the keyboards. Sam Totman features his instrument prominently in Power Quest's songs, which has the unfortunate effect of adding an extra layer of cheesiness to the music. The jury is still out on which band has the goofier name.
  • Vilma Banky was hotter than Pola Negri, but I think that Pola Negri wins in a fight. I base the latter assumption on the fact that Polish Hussars looked cooler than Hungarian Hussars, because the Polish Hussars had wings. ...Shut up, it makes perfect sense.
  • Because the Cowboys/Packers game was so craptastic, I decided to watch the last game at Yankee Stadium last night instead. I'm not much of a baseball fan, except when the Yankees are doing well and I'm surrounded by Red Sox fans (or really just anyone who hates the Yankees). Them I'm a huge Yankees fan.
I've also had the idea of putting together a pod cast, in the manner of internet celebrity Jim Ether (who is also one of my personal heroes). I'm not sure what I'd talk about, though. Probably just more nonsensical shite like this.

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