06 January 2009

Brain Droppings

Once again at a loss for meaningful things to discuss at any length, I am again forced to resort to sharing my often nonsensical stream of consciousness with the faceless masses of the internet. Here's the latest installment of my own Brain Droppings.
  • The homonymous new album by Taake is out (it has been for some time, actually). My first impression is that it's decent Black Metal, but only that. The folkish elements that truly made Taake great and set the band apart from the rest of the horde seem to be missing, and the music just doesn't seem to make a lasting impression. I suppose I should expect this sort of thing from a guy who claimed he wanted to lose fans, however.
  • In the unlikely event that I should ever manage to land myself a wife, I can only hope that she is half as awesome as Nora Charles, especially as portrayed by Myrna Loy in The Thin Man. While I'm being unrealistic, it wouldn't hurt if she looked like Myrna Loy, too. Men must marry Myrna, after all.
  • Speaking of The Thin Man, it is great old flick that everyone and their mother ought to see (and considering that you can watch the whole thing on Youtube, there really is no excuse not to).
  • The phrase "everyone and their mother" is interesting. By definition, wouldn't the term "everyone" include mothers to begin with? And what about the mothers' mothers? Are they included as well?
  • The video for the song "Flight" by the British Ambient/Experimental band Stray Ghost is strange but interesting. Buster Keaton seems so far removed from the atmosphere of the track, but with the footage edited as it is, the video and the music seem to go together oddly well.
  • I've been following along with the current unpleasantness in the Gaza Strip. Not particularly closely, mind you, but more with the detached interest with which the casual sports fan watches the Super Bowl. I predict that Israel wins in a blowout. Also, what's the over/under on civilian casualties?
  • Now that I've installed a new video card, my computer now seems to be in complete working order. This would be great if I had money to waste on computer games.

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