15 May 2009

Relevant to my Interests, Ep. 17

Way back when I was a wee lad, Fay Wray was probably the first girl I ever had a crush on. This was no doubt a result of repeated viewings of King Kong, the film for which she is best known. True stardom eluded her, however, and poor Fay spent the rest of her days haunted by the specter of that damned mechanical ape (in much the same way that Jason Biggs will spend the rest of his days haunted by the specter of that infamous pie). To her credit, she was at least a good sport about the whole thing, even accepting a cameo in the 2005 remake of King Kong (a part which, sadly, she never did get to play, as she died before filming began). Giant monkey notwithstanding, Fay Wray will always have a place in my heart.

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