30 August 2009

Brain Droppings

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again! Thus, without further ado...

  • I am extremely disappointed in the political discourse in America. Insofar as any American political discourse can be said to exist, it is dominated by half-truths and mindless slogans vomited forth by those media pundits whom we have come to affectionately call talking heads.
  • I need a new job. My current one is utterly boring and completely unrewarding--I simply just don't care about structural engineering. Furthermore, it doesn't even pay well. I won't even bother to say anything about the management.
  • I'm fascinated by firearms, but I really can't stand gun people or gun culture. I have a deep suspicion that paranoid white men will ultimately wind up bringing about the downfall of the country they profess to be defending from various bogeymen.
  • I haven't really read any actual fiction in quite some time. As it stands, my reading list is dominated by books about Greece and Russia. That isn't necessarily a bad thing by any reasonable standard, but I suspect I ought to diversify.
  • The two most attractive ladies I have seen since returning to Kansas City have worked at a coffee shop and a Futon store, respectively.

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