03 January 2010

New Year's Dissolutions

I can't say I'm sad to see 2009 go -- it was a year when not many things worked out the way I wanted them to, the marquee disaster being the ignominy of having to move back in with my parents after a unsuccessful year-long job search in Washington. Although I did manage to eventually find a job, it's strictly a just-here-for-the-paycheck affair (to be perfectly frank, the work bores me to tears). Yet in times such as these we hardy survivors can do naught but but look for the silver lining, and there is one I managed to move into my own apartment once more, and in one of the few interesting part of Kansas City, no less. It is now 2010, and in keeping in that spirit of positive thinking I'm planning to make 2010 a better year than it's predecessor.

The first thing I'd like to do is find a new job. Even it's just another office job, it's difficult to believe that it could be any more menial and unfulfilling than the one I have now. Besides, the prospect of merely having a different boss is rather appealing, as is the prospect of not having to drive all the way to Lenexa every morning (Lenexa being a commuter town that is so thoroughly white-bread and boring that it makes Overland Park seem interesting by comparison). In any case, I've been thinking about getting into the health care industry. I've even kicked around the idea of trying to become a paramedic.

Next on the list is to build a collection of classic movie swag (and if possible, swag from the twenties and thirties in general). I've gotten off to a pretty good start over the holidays -- as is apparent in the last post -- but I don't think a nerdy obsession can carry much street cred until you have at least a dozen or so books on one's chosen subject matter (by my last count, I have ten such volumes. Looks like I'll need to step it up a bit). If nothing else, this will let me say that I have a genuinely interesting hobby (besides playing Castlevania until four in the morning, that is).

But finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to write something and get it published. In a strictly technical sense, I am a published author -- you'll find my name in the byline of a few thoroughly uninteresting articles in my High School Yearbook, but in all honesty, who gives a toss about High School Yearbooks? I don't even have mine anymore, and I'll bet that at least half of you out there don't, either. I've mentioned in previous posts my hopes being a proper writer, but I have yet to make good on that aspiration. To get anything published at all -- even a brief article in an obscure online journal -- would be huge step forward, and a significant personal victory (of which I have had precious few over the years).

I haven't much of a conclusion for this bit, so I'll leave it at that. Whatever your plans are for this new year, here's hoping they come to fruition.

P.S. I might have added "make some new friends" to my list of resolutions, but I really suck at that sort of thing. And besides, there's no substitute for the crew I ran with way back when.

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  1. I miss the Kremlin Krew a hell of a lot, too. Well, I was always told they'd be the best days of my life. I guess there's nothing left to do but wait for death.