05 September 2010

I Dream of Jeanie

I recently finished reading John Oller's excellent biography of Jean Arthur -- aptly entitled Jean Arthur: The Actress Nobody Knew -- and I have to say that I really rather liked it. Oller's book is exhaustively researched, highly readable and sympathetic to its subject while remaining faithful to its sources. Furthermore, it also answered a question I posed in an earlier post: as it turns out, both Jean Arthur and Norma Shearer were working as models in New York in the early 1920s, which explains the mystery photo.

On a personal note, I must admit that I am now crushing pretty heavily on Miss Arthur after having read the book -- to quote Eddie Cantor, that's that kind of a baby for me! (although I do like her better as a brunette, as pictured above). 

I definitely recommend giving this book a read -- it is easily the seminal work on the subject of Jean Arthurology (and if that isn't a legitimate field of study, it bloody well ought to be).

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