01 November 2010

Relevant to my Interests Ep. 24

Any major dude will tell you that looks aren't everything, and they'd be right. Glenda Farrell definitely wasn't a knockout by most standards, but one would be hard pressed to find an actress who encapsulated the hard-boiled dame of the 1930s as well as she did. Glenda's output while under contract at Warner Bros. can best be described as workmanlike --  between 1932 and 1934, she appeared in over two dozen pictures. To put that figure in perspective, Joan Crawford appeared in only eight pictures in the same time frame, while Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo appeared in only four. That's dedication to the craft, my friends. Glenda may not have had the prestige or the glamor of some of her contemporaries, but her parts are usually pretty memorable, and she rarely fails to entertain. That, combined with the fact that she seems like she could beat you in foosball while drinking you under the table, makes Glenda Farrell a pretty cool gal.

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