20 December 2007

...And the other Shoe Drops

As of yesterday, Gaahl and King had the following to say regarding Regain Records and Infernus:
Norwegian authorities at Patentstyret (Norwegian patent office) have made the verdict on the dispute over the further use of the trademark and logo "Gorgoroth". It has been legally determined that King and Gaahl retain the rightful ownership and use of the name and logo, now and in the future.

King and Gaahl will not give a detailed public statement on this verdict however they have both remained confident this result would indeed be the final conclusion.

Any third parties who use the name Gorgoroth will from now on be met with legal prosecution.

Gorgoroth, King and Gaahl, will not continue to work with Regain Records given their disloyal acts concerning Gorgoroth and are currently carefully choosing a new label for the release of their next full-length album.
So now the two Gorgoroths have threatened legal action against one another. Actual lawsuits can't be far behind. If I may be forgiven for editorializing, this may be the greatest court case since the Scopes Monkey Trial.

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