19 December 2007

A Tale of Two Gorgoroths

The plot thickens, and the story of Gorgoroth's dissolution is, apparently, not over yet. Since Infernus parted ways with former bandmates King and Gaahl back in October, Regain Records has chosen to side with Infernus, who will reform Gorgoroth with a new line-up. Regain Records issued a statement outlining their intentions on 13 December. The statement reads as follows:
Regain Records has finally decided how to go further with the Gorgoroth matter. Regain Records will continue the co-operation with the bands original member Infernus with a new line-up. This new line-up will be announced by Infernus through the new official website. Regain Records recognizes Infernus as the rightful owner of the bands name, logo and trademark, and is prepared to take any legal steps necessary to prevent any 3rd part from exploiting it, artistically and commercially. A long time commitment between Infernus and Regain Records has been signed and Gorgoroths next album entitled Quantos Possund Ad Satanitatem Trahunt - as well as the follow-up - will be released on Regain Records.
The other Gorgoroth has yet to say anything on this matter. I have to say that Regain Records is probably taking the right course of action here, since Infernus has been at the heart of Gorgoroth since the beginning. Whatever happends, I hope Gaahl and King will continue their collaboration, even if it is under a different name.

As and aside, this actually reminds a lot of the break-up of Pink Floyd back in the mid-80s. You may recall that a fierce legal battle took place between Roger Waters and the rest of the band over the rights to use the name Pink Floyd. You may also recall that David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright eventually won out. Coincidentally, Roger is also the real name of Infernus. How's that for history repeating itself?

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