27 March 2009

Relevant to my Interests, Ep. 16

"I can has cheezburger, mommy?"
"Not yet, my little one, but soon. Yes, soon..."

Not content to merely possess the looks of an angel, Jeanette MacDonald also had to have the voice of an angel, as well. Jeanette MacDonald is today remembered best for the several films she made with Nelson Eddy (one hell of a singer in his own right!), although she also appeared opposite Maurice Chevalier in her earlier pictures. And if it may be hyperbole to say Jeanette had the voice of an angel, it isn't hyperbole by much--this woman could sing like nobody's business. Even through the somewhat primitive, monaural sound recording technology of the day, Jeanette's voice rings through as clearly as a church bell through the autumnal fog. Nelson Eddy was frequently Jeanette's beau on the screen, but he carried a torch for her just as much off the screen. Personally, I can't blame him.

The above photo dates from the early days of Jeanette MacDonald's career, as the Paramount logo suggests. The identity of the cat remains unknown.

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