31 March 2010

Brain Droppings: Bored at Work Edition

Another installment of everyone's favorite series! There's a gimmick this time around, though: these particular fragments are taken from notes I have scribbled down while bored at work (I keep a notebook in my cubicle specifically for this purpose. As you might have imagined, it sees some fairly heavy use). Here's a few choice cuts:

  • I've read that writing must be a job rather than a hobby if one is to truly succeed at it. It's nice work -- if you can get it. But even if you try, can you get it at all?
  • Related: why is it that I find it easier to write with a pen than with a word processor? Something about a pen and paper just seems more personal, more honest. The permanence of it also makes it more difficult (and therefore much less tempting) to second-guess myself. Yet, at the same time, it also seems less official, less concrete, less likely to ever be read by anyone.
  • Still no good ideas as to what my next subject ought to be. It would be best, I think, if it didn't involve me -- I spend entirely too much time talking about myself. Unfortunately, myself is really the only thing I can discuss with any expertise. Far too many of my posts revolve around why I like this album (excellent guitar work!) or why I like that actress (she has a hot ass!).
  • Bohemianism is a perfectly reasonable and respectable manner of living, just so long as one remembers to bathe regularly. The pursuit of material wealth is not the purpose of human existence -- despite what some would have you believe -- nor is it the most admirable manner of living (far from it, in fact).
  • One of my life goals is to someday be the kind of disaffected old curmudgeon that disaffected young curmudgeons aspire to someday be like. Similar, I will admit to George Carlin, but ideally with a touch of Gore Vidal mixed in (if only to balance out the venom and griping with a bit of profundity).
Congratulations, you've made it to the end.

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