06 March 2008

Youtube Magic: Palmy Days (1931)

I've spent a lot of time here giving laus et gloria to the female stars of Hollywood's Augustan Age, but the menfolk have more often then not gone unmentioned. Methinks it's time to remedy that situation, so that no one may call me a sexist (not that anyone is likely to, but still, it's the principle of the thing)!

Eddie Cantor is one of my favorite comedians from back in the day. He was quite the showman--he had a better voice than Al Jolson (and I find him a fair bit funnier, too). Through the magic of youtube, I've been able to see quite a few scenes from Palmy Days, Eddie's 1931 film about, of all things, a bakery. Without further ado, here's one of those scenes which I particularly liked, wherein Eddie is the victim of a bit of domestic violence at the hands of Charlotte Greenwood.

I originally wanted to feature a few more clips, but the Fascists at YouTube have yet again thwarted my plans.

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