09 June 2008

Relevant to my Interests, Ep. 11

Bebe Daniels was one of the biggest names in Hollywood during the 1920s, and if the accounts are to be believed, one of the most dedicated actresses in the business. I found one of my favorite anecdotes about Bebe on the Silent Movie Blog, the details of which are as follows:
She's a hardy perennial. I can recall but one picture in which Bebe was not ill or injured. Her most serious accidents occurred when, on location, the protruding branch of a big tree swept her from a truck, and during the sword play of Senorita, when she was accidentally stabbed in the corner of one eye. Her bravery is no publicity myth around our first-aid hospital. Regardless of suffering, she is always ready with a joke.
Bebe now has a website dedicated to her, which claims to be "bringing Bebe back." Because those other girls don't know how to act! A noble cause, to be sure; I'm always in favor of a little idolatry, myself.

Credit given where credit it due: the above photo comes to you through the courtesy of flickr user Catchpenny.

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