04 June 2008

Vignettes of Absurdity: Poverty Row Luncheon

Poverty Row, c. 1935Dorothy: Wait a minute, are we really going to eat a puppy?

Anita: Well, it's either that or McDonald's again.

Dorothy: Ugh. McDonalds. No thank you.

Anita: Really. And besides, Garbo threatened to call the cops if she found us going through her trash again.

Dorothy: Couldn't we just mooch off of Joan for a while longer?

Anita: Dot, I know Joan's been a real sport about letting us crash on her couch since 1934, but I think she's gotten a bit tired of us. Every time she brings home a virile young man, there we are, stinking of gin and playing Mario Kart until all hours.

Dorothy: Yeah, you're right. And I think Joan's still secretly pissed at me for downing her entire bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in a single night.

Anita: You might say that.

Dorothy: Ah, the good old days.

Anita: Oh man, I can't wait to eat this puppy. Say, what goes best with puppy, red wine or white?

Dorothy: Well, considering we only have a bottle of Night Train and two forties of Olde English 800, I'm gonna say red.

Anita: It's gonna be an Easter weekend to remember!


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