21 July 2008

Adventures in Blogging

I am continually tempted to fiddle around with the formatting of my blog (regular viewers have no doubt noticed this, as the blog has a tendency to look different every month or so). I'm just obsessive and compulsive about it, I guess. I have spent whole afternoons fiddling with the layout of my blog, and as soon as manage to get it to look how I want it to, I'll find something else that I like. I know I ought to pay more attention to substance rather than style, but my absurd sense of aesthetics often distracts me.

I was also thinking I might focus more on images, and less on abortive attempts at writing. As I see it, this blog should represent an insight into my somewhat irrational stream of consciousness. When I try to focus on a single subject--for example reviewing albums--I'm not always happy with the result. I have a hard time producing paragraph after paragraph of prose; it's always been my habit to be short and to the point. Sometimes writing comes easily, and sometimes it doesn't. Nevertheless I feel obligated to produce, although the results aren't always what I would like them to be. Recording my stream of consciousness is the only thing that I can really do at length without forcing it.

I think I might cease featuring an album every week, and simply offer commentaries on albums when the mood strikes me. I'm not really any kind of music critic, but I do know good music when I hear it. For me, music isn't really a matter of molding notes into pleasing melodies; rather, it's about creating an atmosphere and conveying an emotion. This is part of the reason I don't like generic pop music--it doesn't have atmosphere, only simplistic hooks and catchy melodies to keep the interest of listeners with short attention spans. I admit I'm a pretentious, elitist asshole when it comes to music (everyone who listens to Sunn O))) is).

One thing I will promise, however, is that I will not bore you with the tiresome minutiae of my personal day-to-day life. It's all very mundane, and nobody really gives a shit (and besides, I have a livejournal for that).

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