10 July 2008

The Art of Grimness, Ep. 7

Nortt, a one-man project hailing from Denmark. Nortt refers to his music as "Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal." It's a mouthful, but it fits. His third full-length LP, entitled Galgenfrist, was released earlier this year, and like its predecessors, the album is full of the darkest, most soul-crushingly depressive music one is likely to hear (and I mean that it the best way possible). In one interview, Nortt had this to say about his music:
...the philosophy of Nortt is to dwell around death, which is viewed as an inevitable and alluring phenomenon. Death is described from the perspective of the dying and from the dead. The uncertainty of death is preached as more thrilling than the well-known pain of live [sic].
I'd say he captures that essence pretty damned well in his music.

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