22 July 2008

A Few Old Photos...

I happened across a dozen or so old photos of mine that had been collecting dust in my Photobucket account. Some of these I haven't seen in years. They all date from 2004 or 2005. I've excluded the more mediocre attempts.

An unknown species of tree outside Harrington Hall at the University of Puget Sound. I was pretty heavily into Nine Inch Nails at the time, which is why this picture seems like an attempt to imitate typical NIN album art from The Fragile era.

One of my earliest attempts at macro photography. Previously, I was into landscapes. The symmetrical composition of this is decent, but otherwise it's kind of boring.

Probably the first decent photo I ever took, and it just happened to turn out that way. I don't remember it being so cloudy and dark when I took the picture; as I recall, it was a late evening in June, and the sky was pretty damned blue.


  1. Hi there.
    I'm Krista & I've been reading your blog for awhile.
    I love that first photo, its lovely!

  2. Hello, and also thank you. It's been my experience that much of what makes a good photograph is plain luck.