19 January 2008


Naturkraft, the latest offering of Germany's Horn, must be added to the list of new albums I am eagerly anticipating. Horn has a rather unique sound among Black Metal bands, perhaps because Nerrath (the nom de plume of the band's sole member) draws his inspiration from nature, rather than the tired old schtick of Satanism. It's been my experience that such Pagan or folkish Black Metal is infinitely more accessible and enjoyable than its Satanic counterpart, though that's just one unqualified critic's opinion.

Horn's previous two albums (2005's Jahreszeiten and 2006's Die Kraft der Szenarien) were both solid efforts, so I'm cautiously optimistic about Naturkraft. Judging by the samples available on Horn's Website, my optimism is well founded--the spirit of the music is much the same, the only change being in the realm of production, where the music has been given a somewhat deeper and more "epic" sound, thought the prerequisite rawness is still very much present. Indeed, it is appropriate that Nerrath has given his project the name of Horn, since the distorted guitar work has a very brazen sound to it.

Naturkraft was released yesterday through German label Black Blood Records. Of course, I'm likely to have a hell of a time trying to find it anywhere here in the States.

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  1. Hey man, that was a good post. You have a flair for musical criticism.