27 January 2008

Relevant to my Interests, Ep. 7

Dorothy Sebastian is a silent star who doesn't get nearly as much love as she deserves, neither here nor most other places (she does, however, get a respectable amount of love at her de facto official website, whence the above photograph originates. Nameless webmistress, you are truly too awesome for words!)

The more I think about it, the more Ms. Sebastian becomes my favorite of the stars of yesteryear. She may not have the ethereal beauty of a Joan Crawford or a Greta Garbo, but she has--or should that be had?--an allure all her own, one much more personable and more approachable than the others. From what I've read, she had a personality to match, being free of the eccentricities of which many actresses of the day seemed so fond. It's a shame her career didn't take off the way it should have.

By way of a non sequitor denouement, I love that hat she's wearing.


  1. Thank you for all your kind words about Dorothy! I never get tired of hearing nice things said about her. I think she could have been something much more wonderful of an actress if she had been given better parts and direction.

    Where on earth was she in 'The Women'? As a blonde? Good grief I totally missed that. Looks like I'll be watching that one again...

    Glad you like my website too, Thanks so much for the kind mention :)

    Nameless Webmistress no more,

    Keep up the great blog!

  2. Dorothy plays one of the perfume saleswomen; her name was Pat (this according to Imdb). If you recall the scene where Crystal is on the phone with Stephen Haines, Pat is the one who is hanging around nearby. She actually has some quite witty lines during her brief time on screen.

    By the by, thank you for the kind words!

  3. I got the WOMEN DVD, and that's not Dorothy I'm afraid. You are right where IMDB has Dorothy as "Pat". And you are right that "Pat" has a cute and witty scene... But that just wasn't Miss Sebastian. Bummer, I was really wanting to figure out where she was in that movie. I wonder if her part was cut just like her part was cut from "It's a Wonderful Life"... Poor Dot, all she wanted to do was act!

    Blog on feta!